House fire assist in Station 30's local
Monday, April 30, 2012 15:19
Right around 15:20 Station 32 was alerted to a possible house fire at 912 Hickory Grove Rd. Rescue 32 checked in service and while enroute Fire Center advised of a address change to 4912 Hickory Grove road. This new address put the fire in Station 30's local (East Gaston FD). Rescue 32 and Engine 32 quickly changed direction and headed to the new address. Car 32 (Deputy Chief Hooker) checked on scene with a one story wood frame that had smoke and fire showing. Rescue 32 arrived first and quickly stretched a 1-3/4 inch attack line. An aggressive attack was mounted on the structure. The remaining balance of the box quickly arrived with a total of 3 lines being placed into service before the fire could be declared under control.